Friday, 31 August 2012

Pandan GoldCoast Holiday Villa

Pandan GoldCoast Holiday Villa is a cozy holiday retreat conceived and specifically landscaped to be in harmony with its natural surroundings, overlooking a magnificent view of Pandan beach. You can swim and enjoy the ocean or just watch the magnificent sunset. Giving you a taste of paradise and offering the affordable modern comforts, it guarantees a leisure trip that you won’t forget.

Pandan GoldCoast Holiday Villa is situated on Pandan Beach of Lundu, Sarawak (within Borneo Island of Malaysia) and approximately 80 minute drive from Kuching City. Whether you seek for a family vacation, a romantic escape, or enjoy the solitude, it is the best pick for a place as it offers comfortable accommodation with uncomplicated access to some of the best tourist spots like Gunung Gading, and list of activities and local tours available throughout your stay.

The villa offers 3 types of room accommodations - Deluxe Room, Semi-detached Rooms, Backpacker's Rooms. The Deluxe rooms costs only RM200 per night with 2 x 4” super single beds while the semi-detached room costs only RM250 per night with 1 x 6” king sized beds and a 1 x 4” super single bed. The facilities in the Deluxe & Semi-detached rooms include air conditioning, ceiling fan and a television. The bathroom is equipped with water heater complete with toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush) and bath towels. More over, the place offers complimentary coffee and a chance to observe tea-making facilities.

There are also rooms for backpackers whom do not need the luxury of complete room facilities, which costs only RM100 to accommodate 2 persons. There is an allure in waking up with the gentle swish of the rolling waves if you opt for the backpacker’s room without air conditioning.

For outdoor activities, you can enjoy the scenery with an outdoor Barbecue, sing your heart out with the Karaoke facility, enjoy fun under the sun with beach games and stay fit by cycling.  You can swim in the clear turquoise water and enjoy the ocean or just watch the magnificent sunset. You can have as much fun when you stay indoor – you can opt to play darts, carom, board games, mahjong and table tennis.

For those of you who are fishing enthusiasts, Pandan GoldCoast Holiday Villa offers several packages for fishing trips and river cruise. Furthermore, local trips on various tourist spots can be arranged. Depending on your preference, meals can also be arranged so you won’t have to look for restaurants outside the villa.

We will elaborate more on what Pandan GoldCoast Holiday Villa can offer, stay tune!

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